Hoop earrings are, and always have been, a clutch piece for anyone's jewelry collection. A small, classic pair of hoops can be worn with any outfit, every day, and a large, flashier pair of hoops can make you look x10000 cooler immediately. 

Hoops have been around for a LONG, long time - the oldest hoop earrings discovered were from 2500 BC in fact. Like anything else that has been around that long, there have been a million hoop trends that have come & gone; bamboo hoops, name hoops, those hoops with a million little rhinestones stuck to them à la J lo, but we think the newest hoop trend is here to stay - hoops with charms! 

Adding a charm (or charms) can spice up any pair of hoops, and is a great way to show your personality! Here are some of our favourite pairings from our new Hoops collection.  

Large Silver Hoops with Evil Eye Charms 

 Protect yourself AND look cool with our evil eye charms.

Small Gold Hoops with Strawberry Charms

 The CUTEST little strawberries will look perfect on any cute strawberry in your life.

Small Gold Hoops with Gold Ankh Charms 

You a powerful ass woman? SHOW IT with our gold ankh charms.