We're not talking about layers of winter clothing, even though that would make a super relevant blog topic right now because it's -22 outside, we're talking NECKLACE LAYERING! Layered necklaces won't keep you warm, but they will make you look cool, and fashionable which is probably more important than physical warmth. Right? 

From scouring the Internet, it seems like some people are curious how to "pull off the layering look". Personally, we think you should do whatever you think looks good and makes you feel poppin'. BUT, to help inspire you in your necklace layering journey, we've put together some examples of our favourite layer-combos below. 


1. The Long & Short

Just like it sounds. One long, one short. This gives the room to add a pendant or charm on both. In the example below we used 2 styles of evil eye charms, on two of our daintier silver chains. However, you can mix it up! Do one charm only, or silver and gold chains. DO YOU.

Necklaces shown here are our Evil Eye charm and Round Evil Eye charm on our Snake Chains in sterling silver.

2.  The Thick & Thin

One dainty chain paired up with one thick chain is best of both worlds! You can mix them up how you'd like, but we love the look of a heavier short chain, paired with a longer dainty chain. Add a charm or pendant to your dainty chain to anchor the look. 

Necklaces shown here are our Figaro Chain from our Thick collection, paired with our Curb Chain in gold with our Mudra Hand charm.

3. The Triple

3 chains, 3 different lengths, 3 different charms (or in this case 4). With The Triple, we like to use daintier chains and simple charms so the look doesn't look too overwhelming. 

Necklaces shown here are our Box chain in sterling silver, available in 3 different lengths. Paired with a vintage charm, our Peace Sign charm, and the Disc charm.

4. The Full Metal Jacket

GO IN. Wear 2, 3, 4, shit wear 5 heavy, thicker chains. In this example we kept the chains charm-less but adding one or two pendants can turn this look up even more. 

All chains shown here are from our Thick collection. They are the Curb chain and Figaro chain in sterling silver.