I know it seems a little out of left field that Oro Oro's first blog post ever is about music, not jewelry, but with the launch of Oro Oro this year, followed by the launch of our new collection, I thought, why not mix it up. 2017 is coming to an end (good riddance), and I wanted to wrap up the year on a high note. So here we have it, Oro Oro's Favourite 20 Songs of 2017. ENJOY! 

p.s. These are my personal favourites of the year, not necessarily the best, before anyone gets in their feelings about it.

- Nichole
Owner of Oro Oro


Neu Roses (Trangressor's Song) - Daniel Caesar

This list is pretty Canadian heavy, but 1) Oro Oro is a Canadian company, so fair game 2) Canadians are dominating music this year, so again, fair game. First place on our favourite songs of the year list goes to Toronto's Daniel Caesar. This entire album is incredible, but since this list wouldn't be exciting if it was just the Freudian track list, I chose my personal favourite from the album.



Daniel Caesar

Pride - Kendrick Lamar

On a pretty similar note to the Freudian album, Damn is amazing from front to back. There's very few albums I'll listen to in their entirety without skipping, and this is easily one. "Pride" is hands down my favourite off the album though and a song I've cried to an embarrassing amount of times.

Cake - 88GLAM 

Toronto artists David Wise and 88 Camino came together as 88GLAM for this album and the results are *100 emoji*, so good in fact that they scored 2 songs on this list.
At this point I'm sure you've heard about SZA's album CTRL. Long story short, it lives up to it's hype. Every song is thoughtful & emotional, her voice is beautiful, the writing is extremely well done = this album's about to have you in your feelings.

There's a lot of "lil"s getting hype this year, but Lil Pump stood out to me. He had a giant hit with "Gucci Gang" this year, which is great, but I'm making this list and I like this song better - so my choice is "boss".

Lemon - N.E.R.D. & Rihanna

This just made it in time and immediately earned a spot on the list. The return of N.E.R.D. combined with Rihanna (no explanation needed), a sick beat (I feel lame writing that btw...), lines like "Tell the paparazzi get the lens right.", and a dance video (my weakness) makes it jump over a million other songs this year.

Chanel - Frank Ocean 

The audacious references to Frank Ocean's sexuality, and gender fluidity in this song are reason enough to love it, but combined with the inelegant production, and the strength of Frank's voice, this song is a 10/10.

Frank Ocean

Redbone - Childish Gambino 

I got a little Pitchfork on the last one so I'll reel it in since this is a Jewelry site, and not a music blog. This one almost didn't make the cut since it TECHNICALLY came out in 2016, but it's so good, and so sexy and definitely one of my most played songs this year.

Agony - Yung Lean  

I've always had a soft spot for Yung Lean, many of his songs have a depth and heaviness to them not expected of a 21 year old. This song is trippy and beautiful at the same time. Also, if you haven't figured it out yet, I love a good song to cry to and this one meets the criteria.

12 - 88GLAM 

I told you they made it on the list twice. BECAUSE THE ALBUM IS GOOD. On a side note this is a perfect driving-around-LA-at-night album even though it's made in Canada/I haven't tested the theory yet. Feels like it though.


4:44 - Jay-Z 

Also the name of the album, an album in which almost every song deserves to be on this list, "4:44" offers a follow-up and attempted apology (and confirmation) to the accusations of infidelity in Beyoncé's Lemonade album. This transparency into his relationship (something rare with Jay Z) adds an extra level to an overall great song.

Jungle - H.E.R. 

This song is actually a cover of Drake's "Jungle" from If You're Reading This You're Already Too Late. It's a pretty ballsy move to cover a song that's less than 3 years old, but she absolutely does it justice. This was a close call for a favourite song off the album, because her entire album is really great.

Gatekeeper - Jessie Reyez

This new Canadian artists song "Figures" has been all over the radio the past couple months (and is great), but her song "Gatekeeper" beats it out. Dark, grimy and (unfortunately) very predictive of what's been going on in the entertainment industry right now.

Jesse Reyez

KMT - Drake ft. Giggs 

If I'm going to be honest, More  Life wasn't one of my favourite Drake albums (I feel guilty saying that) but there were a few bangers on this album, and I was very into the inclusion of UK rappers that deserve the attention (where's Wiley tho...). The "Skepta Interlude" was probably my actual top track off this album, but I can't put a Drake song Drake's not even on on the list, so this is my second favourite. The beat is hard, Drake goes hard, Giggs obviously goes hard - and the verse "and you know I like those breasts, lookin' all perky. Lookin' all Christmas giftwrapped, lookin' all turkey." is lols/amazing.

Love Can Be - Vince Staples

This song is sort of all over the place, which is part of what I love about it. It's 2 minutes into the 3 minute song before Staples really comes in with a verse, but the poppy-into-electroish-into-RnBish-Riff build up lines it up perfectly.

Love - Kendrick Lamar ft. Zacari 

Damn was 100% the album of the year (Freudian by Daniel Caesar was second if anyone cares), so it gets 2 songs on the list. Not just for that reason though - this song is moving and incredible.

Kendrick Lamar

Both Sides - Nav ft. 21 Savage 

Nav is another Canadian rapper/producer out of Toronto (I told you this list was Canada heavy), and teamed up with Metro Boomin' for this album. I needed to put 21 Savage on the list somehow since he's had a great year (not just because he gets to fuck Amber Rose.), and it just so happens this is my favourite song on Nav's album and some really strong verses from 21, so much so that I'd say this is actually more of a 21 savage song (sorry Nav) but that's not my decision to make...

Issues - Julia Michaels 

I thought this song was Selena Gomez when I first heard it (it's not...). It's VERY poppy and VERY catchy - it's one of those pop songs that feel like must have been made with some special formula the music industry has concocted that makes it sonically pleasing and extremely catchy. #illuminati

Shooters - Tory Lanez 

- I've been listening to Tory Lanez since "Wooden Beads" and have always been rooting for him.. Over his career, he's taken a few different directions with his sound, but I feel like he's coming back to what fits him best. This song is reminiscent of "Remembrance Day" and "The Godfather"- my 2 favourite Lanez songs - so it makes the list.