Toronto-based, Oro Oro is a jewelry brand specializing in chain necklaces, hoop earrings and a collection of charms with over 1,000 of possible pairing options.

Oro Oro's products range in style and price with Italian-made chains in sterling silver, 14K gold vermeil & 14K gold filled. They also offer a new selection of gold & silver hoop earrings that can be paired with any charm. The charms are offered in a variety of materials, and we also feature a special a one-of- a-kind vintage collection. All of our pieces are of the highest quality and chosen with care.  

We strive to offer a wide and varied selection of beautiful charms to match any personality; classic and modern, simple and detailed, subtle and eye-catching. Our selection will be updated on a regular basis to always provide new and exciting pieces for you to express yourself!